"Thankyou for passing on my details to Alex, he called me and gave me the advice I needed, I was about to use an incorrect product and he advised me on the correct Laticrete product to use.

I choose to use Laticrete products as I had heard the company and people that work there are so helpful and knowledgeable and now I have to agree the follow through from my inquiry from head office to Alex was fantastic.

Alex was so knowledgeable and helpful that I now know I have choosen the right company and products for my projects.

Thankyou so much Annie and Laticrete."

Received from Peter in VIC, Australia


"What an experience...

Met very cool people...

And can't say enough great things about the Laticrete team.. they are the best. A true representation of what Laticrete is about.

Integrity and innovation and the best customer relationship anywhere... this ptk was a great experience. I learned many new things..





"There isn't enough space for me to explain how much I took away from PTK. One very important thing worth mentioning though is that ever since we went there last year, my bottom line has increased. There were so many things that Laticrete offers in terms of support that I didn't even know existed and I utilize them now. A great, simple example is the Lifetime Tile and Stone System Warranty, which has closed more jobs than I can count and justifies my pricing. I'll stop there before I write a book and make Henry blush.”

Received from: Jim Picarzzi


"This is the big residential job I was telling you about. I've been documenting evrything since it was a floor that originally could not have been tiled, so we took it down to joists, are replacing the subfloor, and utilizing the Laticrete Lifetime Warranty. The homeowner had gotten multiple quotes and I was by far the highest but got the job because I went through and explained how I could warranty their floor by using your projects.

Since PTK, I've been selling the lifetime warranty on ALL jobs. Another tool in my toolbox thanks to the guys and gals at Laticrete. Oh, and Strata_Mat...awesome!
Should be done next week. I'll send you all of the pics. I'm planning on using them myself on my business page on facebook to show how the warranty system works. I'm looking forward to putting that together."
Received from: Jim Picarzzi

"I know I say this every time, but damn your products are good. Used that bag of 335 rapid yesterday and the one thing I love with LATICRETE product is the bucket life and it great, never set or went off

quick, laid tiles had plenty of time to adjust, then leave it and bam it went off like a rock. 

Other rapid glues are almost unusable as they skin up while you notching.

Best quick set glue I have used. Thanks for the bag and will get Mac to keep some in stock as I will always keep a bag on my van for patch work. Will let you know how I go with that 4-XLT when I use it. Cheers Mark"

Received from: Mark Towell



“The Dazzle feature really complements the silver features in the tiles”.

"We used a lot of LATICRETE 4-XLT (especially helpful for the 15mm thick stone on the master bath shower ceiling!) Also LATICRETE 317 with LATICRETE 333 Super Flexible Additive, LATICRETE 253 Gold and LATICRETE 220 Marble and Granite Mortar. LATICRETE Glass Tile Adhesive was used for all the glass tile backsplashes and accent rows."

"The great service from our local LATICRETE  and the excellent advice from some of your (LATICRETE) top tech people helped make this project a success."

I've used [your Glass Tile Adhesive] on a couple of projects and just love it. The non sag properties make it so much easier to use than the [stuff] I had used in the past. At first I was concerned with how dry or stiff it was when mixed and how that might lead to it not adhering to the glass-you know, if you mix thin set really stiff it has that almost skinned over right out of the bucket feel to it-but that was totally not the case. It has a great grab to it. I removed a couple of tiles in the attached pics to reposition them after the mortar had about 15 hours of cure time and was amazed how well the mortar held. It was adhered to the glass to the grim death already.

"Oh, and PS. The Laticrete iPhone app is the greatest!! I use it all the time, and has helped me learn all about some products, I would otherwise have not thought about using! The catalog is great too, but the app is easierto use, and more available at all times! Way to go!!"



"Laticrete is now the offical endorsed choice of product for all of Blue Stone Pools, swimming pool tile installations" 

email received from: Grant Osborne, Blue Stone Pools, WA, Australia



"You guys are great, some of the best products on the market!"





Rod Chambers


Charmet Tile


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