6 Exciting New LATICRETE Grout Colors for 2011!

LATICRETE® Grout and Sealant Colours

Because we understand your need to stay current with changing colour trends, LATICRETE has replaced six colours in our palette with fresh new shades ranging from earth tones to grey. These new colours are available in SPECTRALOCK® PRO GroutSPECTRALOCK 2000 IGPERMACOLOR® Grout and PERMACOLOR Select.

The 6 new LATICRETE grout colors for 2011

Need a Sample of the New Grout Colours? Need an Updated Grout Colour Card Featuring all 40 LATICRETE Colours?

Contact us to order samples, paper grout charts or grout colour specifiers free of charge.  Our Grout and Sealant Colour Chart is also available as a PDF.

Are You a Dealer or Distributor in Need of Upgrading Your LATICRETE Grout Channel Display?

LATICRETE now offers an upgrade kit for your display featuring our new colours, available free of charge!

How Can I Tell if My Grout Channel Display Qualifies for an Upgrade?

Check the lower-right corner of the label on the front of the display. If the item number in small print is "L-0002-0310" or "L-0002-1208", your display qualifies for an upgrade kit.

How Do I Request an Upgrade Kit for My Display?

Simply contact us and choose the Grout Channel Display Upgrade Kit for your model display.


Available Colours

  • LATICRTE Grout #38 - River Rock#38 River Rock
  • LATICRETE Grout #27 - Hemp#27 Hemp
  • LATICRETE Grout 56-Desert Khaki#56 Desert Khaki
  • LATICRETE Grout #60-Dustry Grey#60 Dusty Grey
  • LATICRETE Grout 55-Tawny#55 Tawny
  • LATICRETE Grout 92-Saltillo#92 Saltillo
  • LATICRETE Grout 59-Espresso#59 Espresso
  • LATICRETE Grout 58-Terracotta#58 Terra Cotta
  • LATICRETE Grout 46-Quarry#46 Quarry Red
  • LATICRETE Grout 67-Autumn Green#67 Autumn Green
  • LATICRETE Grout 35-Mocha#35 Mocha
  • LATICRETE Grout 34-Sandstone#34 Sandstone
  • #91 Slate Grey
  • LATICRETE Grout 42-Platinum#42 Platinum
  • LATICRETE Grout 53-Twilight Blue#53 Twilight Blue
  • LATICRETE Grout 45-Raven#45 Raven
  • LATICRETE Grout 22-Midnight Black#22 Midnight Black
  • LATICRETE Grout 44-Bright White#44 Bright White
  • LATICRETE Grout 85-Almond#85 Almond
  • LATICRETE Grout 39-Mushroom#39 Mushroom
  • LATICRETE Grout 23-Antique White#23 Antique White
  • LATICRETE Grout 17-Marble Beige#17 Marble Beige
  • LATICRETE Grout 40-Latte#40 Latte
  • LATICRETE Grout 61-Parchment#61 Parchment
  • LATICRETE Grout 43-Chocolate Truffle#43 Chocolate Truffle
  • LATICRETE 30-Sand Beige#30 Sand Beige
  • LATICRETE66-Chestnut Brown#66 Chestnut Brown
  • LATICRETE Grout 03-Silk#03 Silk
  • LATICRETE Grout 18-Sauterne#18 Sauterne
  • LATICRETE Grout 16-Silkstone#16 Silkstone
  • LATICRETE Grout 88-Silver Shadow#88 Silver Shadow
  • LATICRETE Grout 50-Sea Glass#50 Sea Glass
  • LATICRETE Grout 90-Light Pewter#90 Light Pewter
  • LATICRETE Grout 89-Smoke Grey#89 Smoke Grey
  • LATICRETE Grout 78-Sterling Silver#78 Sterling Silver
  • LATICRETE Grout 24-Natural Grey#24 Natural Grey
  • LATICRETE Grout 57-Hot Cocoa#57 Hot Cocoa
  • LATICRETE Grout 431-Kashmir#41 Kashmir
  • LATICRETE Grout 81-Butter Cream#81 Butter Cream
  • LATICRETE Grout 52-Toasted Almond#52 Toasted Almond


† United States Invention Patent No.: 6881768 (and other Patents)

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